World's First Crossword Puzzle

This is the World's First Crossword Puzzle. It originally appeared on December 21, 1913, in the FUN section of the New York World newspaper. It was created by Arthur Wynne, and he originally it called a "Word-Cross" puzzle.

Wynne's original 'clue numbering' scheme used two numbers for each word -- and did not separate 'ACROSS' clues from 'DOWN' clues. We have changed the puzzle to use the standard clue numbering scheme.

In all other ways, the puzzle appears exactly as it did nearly a hundred years ago. Be aware that a few of the clues are quite obscure, and unlike most current puzzles, one word appears twice.


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2 What this puzzle is 1 To govern
4 What bargain hunters enjoy 2 Part of your head
6 A written acknowledgement 3 A fist
8 Such and nothing more 4 A talon
9 To cultivate 5 Part of a ship
11 A bird 6 A day dream
12 A bar of wood or iron 7 Exchanging
14 Opposed to less 8 What we should all be
15 What artists learn to do 10 To sink in mud
16 What this puzzle is 11 The fiber of the gomuti palm
18 Fastened 13 A boy
19 An animal of prey 17 A pigeon
21 Found on the seashore 18 One
22 The close of the day 20 A river in Russia
24 To elude 21 To agree with
25 The plural of is 23 An aromatic plant

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