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for Friday, June 22

Make your own PERSONAL opinions count on...

For each question, select whichever choice
best matches your own PERSONAL opinion.

Try to answer EVERY question -- even if some
are so tough you have to toss a mental coin.

All the answers to this survey are
So don't hesitate to tell the truth.

The results of today's survey, including YOUR
votes, will be used in tomorrow's game of...
Majority Says !!!


Would you rather have the email address...

If you had to choose, would you rather take a shower with...
Barack AND Michelle Obama
George W. AND Laura Bush

Better sport...
Football (U.S. style, NOT soccer)
Soccer (a.k.a. Football in most parts of the English-speaking, civilized world)

In YOUR humble opinion, should all Street Mimes be forced to find another line of work?
No (A Mime is a terrible thing to waste)

How much sleep did you get last night...
NOT enough

Right now, are you wearing anything you wore yesterday?
No, cleanliness is next to godliness
Sure, wanna sniff?

Do you know how to speak Pig Latin?
Esyay, Iyay ertainlysay ooday

Have you ever gone to any kind of reunion (like a Family Reunion, High School Reunion, Army Buddies, or any other kind)?

How do YOU eat Jell-O?
Chew it
Just swallow it

For three-hundred-sixty-five thousand dollars CASH, are you willing to eat nothing but bread and water for the next 365 days?

Now, to make your votes count...